The Dreamerʼs Handbook

28 + 331 pp. • $16 • published: 2007 • ISBN: 1-891229-11-7

Sleep can be a welcome occasion of pleasurable rest, or a hateful predicament of fear and terror. Islām, praise be to Allāh (الحمد لله), presents a clear understanding of sleep and dreams, and provides a complete code of sleep etiquettes and extolments. This can help make sleep a rewarding experience that brings useful rest and pleasant dreams.

This book starts by presenting a spiritual understanding of sleep from the Islāmic viewpoint, which is followed by guidelines for recommended evening, pre-sleep, night, and morning acts of worship. The conceptual understanding of dreams is laid out next, followed by an analytical study of dreams in the Qurʾān, and of dreams seen by the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and by his companions (﵃). The rest of the book deals with dream interpretation, its correct rules and procedures, drills to help understand these rules, and a large glossary of interpreted dream symbols.

This, we hope, fulfills two important goals regarding sleep and dreams: It establishes their understanding upon the strong foundation of the Qurʾān and Sunnah, and it eliminates superstitions that surround them.

Indeed, from Allāh (﷾) alone we seek help and acceptance.