Life in Barzakh

280 pp. • $14 • published: 2007 • ISBN: 1-891229-81-8

Death is the ultimate reality that no person can escape. It forces us to realize the temporary nature of this life and the necessity of preparing for the next one, our eternal abode. It ends any hope for permanent prosperity in this life, thus subduing people and challenging all of their false claims and deviant beliefs.

With death, people are transferred to an intermediate life totally different from the life in this world.

This book presents a thorough discussion of the intermediate life, al-barzakh. These discussions are based on authentic texts from Allāh’s (﷾) Book and His Messenger’s (ﷺ) Sunnah. Our hope is that this book will guide the reader to a clear understanding of al-barzakh and how to prepare for it.

Among the topics covered:

The Moment of Death • The Soul’s Trip to the Heavens • The Final Trial in the Grave • The People in al-Barzakh • Communication with al-Barzakh • Deeds That Continue after Death