Inheritance, Regulations & Exhortations

26+149 pp. • $12 • published: 2006 • ISBN: 1-891229-79-6

Inheritance distribution is a religious issue that Allāh (﷾) decreed in His Revelation. Our obligation is to understand it and implement it correctly. Neglecting this, especially in non-Muslim countries, may lead to distributing a Muslim’s estate in discord with Allāh’s guidance, and may deprive some of the rightful heirs. With this in mind, we compiled this book and included in it:

  • A concise study of the Islāmic Law of Inheritance
  • Authentic information and instructions for writing a will
  • A practical ready-to-fill will and supplementary forms

We hope that this book provides the Muslims with a much needed service, and we seek Allāh’s acceptance and forgiveness.