Belief in Allāh's Decree, Qadar

24+223 pp. • $12 • published: 2004 • ISBN: 1-891229-10-9

This book, the last in the Iman Made Easy Series, thoroughly explains the sixth pillar of īmān: belief in qadar, Allāh’s decree.

In it, readers will learn about:

  • the importance of belief in qadar
  • the mindset of how to understand trials, hardships, and evil
  • the divine will and human will
  • deviant beliefs and misconceptions regarding qadar

The text employs language that is suited for most age-groups and backgrounds, despite the complex nature of the topic. We also supplemented this book with diagrams, tables, and more, making it an excellent reference for understanding and grasping the subject matter.

Understanding what it means to believe in qadar is key to unlocking the richness of faith, being at peace with all that one faces in life, and eliminating common doubts and misconceptions spread in our times.