Festivals & Celebrations in Islām

26+246 pp. • $13 • published: 2023 • ISBN: 1-891229-23-0

Festivals and celebrations are occasions of joy and happiness. They have their distinctive spirit in all societies and cultures, and are eagerly awaited and heartily welcomed by everyone.

Islām regulates the occasions to be celebrated and the methods of celebrating them. This book discusses the two annual Islāmic festivals: ʿId ul-Fiṭr and ʿId ul-Aḍḥā, as well as the weekly Jumuʿah. It presents the Islāmic guidelines for celebration according to the Qurʾān and Sunnah, and warns against innovated occasions and un-Islāmic festivals.

In addition to topics that are standard to ʿīd celebration, such as the ʿīd prayer and khuṭbah, and ʿīd pastimes, this book discusses zakāt ul-fiṭr, the sacrifice, the blessed days of the month of Thul-Ḥijjah, and many other ʿīd-related issues.

The broad and thorough discussions in this book make it an important manual and complete reference on festivals and celebrations in Islām. Indeed, from Allāh (﷾) we seek help and acceptance.