The Muslim Family


This first three books in the series cover various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah. Marriage Plays a most central role in the human life, and has been largely discussed by the scholars of Islam through the ages, resulting in numerous writings and treatises. Some of those writings, mostly by contemporary scholars, have been translated to English. However, we find them restricted in scope, addressing Muslims who live in predominantly Islamic countries, or overlooking important real issues that have developed under the modern civilization. This leaves quite a large gap that needs to be filled for the benefit of the Muslims in English-speaking countries, and this is what we attempt to fulfill over the span of three books. The final book in the series is a logical continuation to this topic, which deals with the normal fruit of marriage babies.

The Quest for Love & Mercy – Marriage & Wedding

This book covers the importance and advantages of marriage: selecting a spousethe counting processthe marriage contractcelebrating the weddingthe waleemahforbidden marriagesetc.It provides a practical procedure for performing a marriage contract, and includes a sample marriage certificate.

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Closer than a Garment – Marital Intimacy

This book covers the proper etiquettes of marital intimacy, forbidden acts of intimacy, zinaa, birth control, etc. Answers many frequently asked questions about various acts of intimacy.

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The Fragile Vessels – Marital Rights & Obligations

This book covers the obligations of the two spouses: the wife's rights, and the husband's rights. Contains biographies of the Mothers of the Believers, paints very realistic pictures from the lif of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) with his wives, and presents a complete discussion of the hadeeth of Umm Zar'.

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Our Precious Sprouts – Regulations for Newborns

As a logical continuation to the previous three books, this sequel deals with the normal fruit of marriage: babies. It covers the Islamic regulations relating to a newborn. This includes welcoming the baby, naming it, shaving its hair, circumcising it, and slaughtering the sacrificial 'aqiqah. The discussion of naming the newborn covers the recommended and prohibited names, nicknames, and kunyahs. It is further enhanced with tho appendices that list Allah's authentic excellent names, as well as a large number of suggested Islamic names for both genders. The discussion of 'aqiqah includes its ruling, animals to be slaughtered, dispensing of the meat, the 'aqiaqah's feast, and the 'aqiqah's wisdom. The discussion of circumcision includes the circumcision process, its ruling for boys and girls, its benefits, and expressiveness and other violations. Other discussions include tahnik, shaving the baby's head, piercing the ears, breast-feeding, protection from the evil eye, babies' toys and clothes, birthdays, and so on. We intended - and we believe that we largely succeeded - in making this book a complete reference covering the correct Islamic acts that parents need to perform for their newborn during its first few weeks. All praise is due to Allah.

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