Birth Prevention, an Islamic Perspective


This book presents a sound and comprehensive Islamic understanding of birth prevention and other related issues. It first establishes the Islamic view of procreation. This is followed by an overview of birth prevention methods, old and modern. Next, it sets important guidelines for understanding verdicts related to birth prevention. Finally, it presents the regulations regarding each birth prevention method, including abortion.

Our discussions and conclusions are founded on clear proofs from the Quran and Sunnah, and are documented with relevant quotes from eminent Islamic scholars. This should make them both enlightening and convincing to the readers.

This book, we hope, will provide many Muslims with a better understanding and a more cautious approach toward birth prevention. May Allà„h(I) grant us guidance and facilitation.

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Price $9.00
Pages 126
Published Date 2008
Binding paperback
ISBN 1-891229-93-1