Enter into Islam Completely


Enter into Islam completely is a series regarding important fiqh issues which many of us disregard or belittle.

The Beard and Other Traits of Fitrah

This book deals with the traits of fitrah which are among the issues that some people consider "small" or "minor". However, they are all very important for a Muslim who wishes to maintain healthy hygiene and a dignified appearance, guided in that by Allah's revelation, In addition to the beard, we deal in detail with the issues of grooming the hair, siwak, circumcision, and so on.

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Smoking, a Social Poison

This book deals with the epidemic of smoking, which has entered into the houses of the Muslims in a most devastating manner. What Makes this problem even worse is than many of the Muslims do not see or admit to the prohibition of smoking and its great danger. Rather, When they are advised about it, they quickly echo a thing they heard from so-called scholars: "But it is not Prohibited - it is only disliked!" This necessitates providing some advice to those people who seek the truth but have only heard the wrong views of the shallow minded. It is important to present a clear picture of smoking , and a detailed reasoning for its prohibition.

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Birth Prevention, an Islamic Perspective

This book presents a sound and comprehensive Islamic understanding of birth prevention and other related issues. It first establishes the Islamic view of procreation. This is followed by an overview of birth prevention methods, old and modern. Next, it sets important guidelines for understanding verdicts related to birth prevention. Finally, it presents the regulations regarding each birth prevention method, including abortion.

Our discussions and conclusions are founded on clear proofs from the Quran and Sunnah, and are documented with relevant quotes from eminent Islamic scholars. This should make them both enlightening and convincing to the readers.

This book, we hope, will provide many Muslims with a better understanding and a more cautious approach toward birth prevention. May Allāh(I) grant us guidance and facilitation.

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Regulations of Worship During Menses

A normal woman spends about one quarter of her life while she is in a state of menses or post-natal bleeding. During those times, a woman is physically and emotionally stressed. She needs special guidelines to help her conduct her religious and daily life properly and satisfactorily. Islaam, being the final and most complete religion, thoroughly covers and wisely directs all aspects of the human life. Therefore, it is no wonder that it deals with menses issues in a clear and sympathetic manner. When the Islaamic regulations of menses are well understood and correctly implemented, they make it easy for a woman to conduct her close-to-illness menstrual cycle in a smooth and balanced manner. Because of this, we find it necessary to reestablish the correct Islaamic teachings regarding various menses issues. Thus, we offer to our readers the present book, hoping that many of the English-speaking Muslim women will be able to benefit from it in guiding themselves and others toward a more healthy practical and spiritual life during menses.

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